There will be three courses with one male and one women class on each track. In addition, a boy class and a girl class on the 5k track.

Start and finish for all classes will be at Hammarby IP and the courses will go in the Nacka Reserve, in rough terrain on and off trails. There are no asphalts on the runways, but some sections on gravel roads.

More forest to 10k and 5k. There will be maximum forest running for the two shorter distances as the trails are drawn so that they do not cross the Hammarby Hill.

Stockholm Trail 21K – a very demanding course, a tough task that requires mental and physical strength and fitness. The Hammarby slope is passed on the last kilometre. The 21K circuit is 21.5 km.

Stockholm Trail 10k – A technically demanding course but a great challenge for a normaltränad jogger. The 10k track is 10.8 km.

Stockholm Trail 5k-A tough course that everyone can cope with. 5k circuit is 5.3 km.

The 21K runners pass through liquid and energy stations 5 times. In addition, a special recovery at Hammarybackens Peak. Total 21.5 km.

On the 10k track there will be 3 liquid and energy stops. Total 10.8 km.

The 5k circuit has a liquid and energy station. Total 5.3 km.