Finally back again after the pandemic! The 11th edition of Stockholm Trail was a real running party where the number of participants increased again after the pandemic and the children got a new course in 2.5K..

Not as warm as it has been many years at Stockholm Trail but very good running weather for the participants and we as organizers are very happy that the rain chose to come only after the end of the event. Many people's comment after the finish was "tough but fantastically beautiful and trail course!"

New course record on 21K this year again and that both in the women's and men's class! The fantastic time 01:29:33 won Josip Mestric from Croatia and
in the women's class it was Helena Wallin who struck with the time 1:55:41 and also the second Olivia Henriksson Olofsson had a better time than last year's winner Viktoria.
Congratulations on your achievements!

Joseph explains that he is in Sweden to visit his brother who lives here and that he was keen to see Sweden at this time of year and saw a trail race that he signed up for on a whim. "It was a very nice temperature and a very fun race with a good profile. It is very up and down, challenging and fun even though it was a bit slippery today", he says to the announcer Göran after the race about the course. He also says that Stockholm is a beautiful city and it is easy to get to the race with public transportation which is a big plus.

The 2.5K course had its premiere this year and there was a children's class and a trial trail class. It was really fun to see the kids get to Hammarbybacken after the start and run in the forest at high speed to cross the finish line with their arms in the air. We look forward to welcoming even more runners in this class next year.

1. 123 Josip Mestric 01:29:33 -
2. 170 Emil Olsson 01:34:48 +5:15
3. 142 Jonatan Alvaeus 01:39:26 +9:53

1. 161 Helena Wallin 01:55:41
2. 194 Olivia Henriksson Olofsson 02:01:47
3. 152 Moa Strandberg 02:05:27

1. 1530 Billy Oldeen 00:11:47 -
2. 1513 Viggo Henriques 00:12:05 +18
3. 1582 Bille Otterman 00:13:15 +1:28

1. 1527 Ellenor Grahn 00:12:53 -
2. 1522 Lilja Hellman 00:14:32 +1:39
3. 1523 Amelie Hellman 00:14:34 +1:41

Almost 600 runners in the competition classes and over 100 children on the Mini Trail were on the starting line this year. Everyone who made it to the finish line got a nice medal from Raw Cut Studio hung around their neck and liquid, coffee and buns as recovery when they reached the finish line.

Nice prizes from our sponsors Trailrunspecialisten, Icebug and USWE were then awarded during the award ceremony to the 3 best men and women in each class.

More pictures are available on our social media.