Arena with start and finish is at Hammarby IP south of Hammarby Hill. See map.

An detailed description of the courses can be found here.

Ladies 21K (min. The years you turn 18 years born 2001 or ear
lier) Ladies 10k (no Age limit) Ladies 5k (no Age limit)
Girls 5k (max. The years you turn 14 years born 2005 or later)

Gentlemen 21K (min. The years you turn 18 years born 2001 or
earlier) Men 10k (No Age limit) Men 5k (No Age limit) Bo
ys 5k (max. The years you turn 14 years born 2005 or later)

Age 4-8 years. Read more here.

Entry fees
Registration fees can be found here.

Registration is done via the Stockholm trails website until Wednesday 21 August at 24:00. It is then possible to register directly in the arena on the day of the race on August 24th from 9:00. When registering, choose whether you want to start in Start Group 1 or in Start Group 2 (more information on these further down the page). The registration fee shall be paid in connection with the notification. When registering on the day of the race, both swish, card and cash payments are accepted. A receipt of the notification will be sent to the notifier’s email address. 
Report here.

A week before the race date, a starting certificate will be sent out to all registered. The starting certificate contains the starting number and should be displayed at the bibs delivery. The Start is located at Hammarby IP. First class start from 10 am.

Starting groups
To avoid unnecessary congestion at start-up and on the trails, the 2019 year edition of the Stockholm Trail will also have starting groups. In connection with the notification, select the starting group you want to start in. Learn more about starter groups here.

Only runners from Start Group 1 can get a result among the top 10 in each class.

et is the resp. Runner’s gross time, i.e. the time between the start of the starting group and the runner’s finish, which will be shown in the result list.

Det is no maximum time on any path.

Insurance p
articipants who are members of the club affiliated to the Swedish Athletics Association have a certain insurance coverage. However, All competition takes place at your own risk and an accident insurance should be signed.

Class Byte, Namnb
yteDet is possible to make a class change or rename (eg. To transfer the place to another runner).

Changing the class is done by sending an email to
When changing the class, the difference will be charged when switching to more expensive class. No refunds will be made when changing to a cheaper class.

Changes can be made until Wednesday 21 August at 12:00. It is also possible to make changes directly to the arena on the day of the race on the 24th of August from 9:00.

No registration fees are paid back. For example, to get the starting fee back, you can Sign the insurance start ready. Read more at