About Stockholm Trail


2022 will be the 10th edition of the Stockholm Trail!

Stockholm Trail is organized by the orienteering club OK Södertörn. The club has about 400 members and its home base is Farstanäset with a catchment area in the suburbs south of Stockholm around Lake Magelungen - Farsta, Vantör, Trångsund and Skogås.
Stockholm Trail is organized by completely non-profit officials who are all members of OK Södertörn. The surplus from the race goes directly to OK Södertörn's activities.
In addition to the Stockholm Trail, the club also organises the orienteering competitions
Stockholm City Cup and 25manna.

Read more about the club or become a member via OK Södertörn's website.

Stockholm Trail through the years


2021 was the 9th time that the Stockholm Trail was organized since its inception in 2012 as we unfortunately had to cancel the 2020 race due to covid-19. The race was held as in previous years in the Nackareservatet in the immediate vicinity of Stockholm, on 21 August. We continue to organize in August with the reason that it is the least impact for animals and nature in our beautiful race environment. There was a Minitrail course but no youth classes. We planned for a new concept with sprint courses but due to restrictions in the number of participants it was decided to cancel these classes in order to offer more places on the other courses. 

The winners 2021

Men 21K Adam Stenman
Women 21K Viktoria Raft
Men 10K Anders Fox
Women 10K Helena Sjöberg
Men 5K Henrik Hellman
Women 5K Louise Johansson

All results from 2021


2020 Became as you all know not quite a year like everyone else. Like so many other races, we had to cancel the race due to covid-19. When covid-19 struck in March, we could not believe that in August we would not be able to run in the forest, but unfortunately that was the case.


2019 was the first time the Stockholm Trail was arranged in late summer instead of as in previous years in the spring. With the new environmental profile developed by stockholm trail, it felt like a natural change in dates to reduce the impact on animals and nature in Nackareservatet which is our beautiful competition area. On race day it was perfect temperature with just enough sun to run in and everyone who went to the finish got a big and nice wooden medal. We broke records in the number of Minitrail runners who were 64!

Winners 2019

Mr 21K Love Berzell, OK Ravinen
Women 21K Louise Beech, True Story Sportswear
Mr 10K Patrik Gustafsson, Solna
Women 10K Karolina Detlofsson, Sollentuna
Mr 5K Robin Svedberg, Haninge SOK
Women 5K Isabelle Öblom
Boys 5K Max Österberg, Värmdö IF
Girls 5K Olivia Grahn, Hammarby IF

All results for 2019


2018 offered the warmest race day we have had so far. In 28 degree heat in the air, the runners around the tracks fought their way around the tracks 21 km, 10 km, 5 km. New for this year was that we introduced starting groups to avoid congestion after takeoff and on the narrow passages of the track.

We also had Minitrail and youth classes.

All results for 2018

Winners 2018

Mr 21K Johan Höij, OK Linné
Women 21K Helena Wallin
Mr 10K Kim Rorvik
Women 10K Malin Starfeldt, Runacademy
Mr 5K Fredrik Grimborg
Women 5K Petra Kindlund. Runacademy
Boys 5K Max Österberg, Värmdö IF
Girls 5K Tove Olsson, Huddinge AIS


New participant record with nearly 1,000 registered runners and brilliant weather made the Stockholm Trail 2017 a nice folk festival. After-talk, drink, coffee and bun were appreciated elements on Hammarbyhöjdens IP after the finish. For the first time, youth classes on the 5K track were also tested.

Lots of pictures HERE.

Winners 2017

Men 21K Mattias Millinger, Johanneshov
Women 21K Therese Wånehed, Tyresö
Men 10K Björn Morén, IK Akele
Women 10K Malin Starfedt, Runacademy
Men 5K Viktor Zackrisson, Enhörna IF
Women 5K Caroline Olsmats, Danderyds SK
Boys 5K Max Österberg, Värmdö IF
Girls 5K Ida Österberg, Värmdö iF

All results in 2017


The race date was moved from the last weekend of June to the second weekend. The arena with the start and finish was also moved from the Globe area to Hammarbyhöjdens IP. However, the courses went as before in Nackareservatet. The ultraclass (46K) was removed and a new-age stretch, 5K, was back after a few years' hiatus. Stockholm Trail was conducted without collaboration with races on bicycle or roller skis. Salming was the new main sponsor.

Winners 2016

Men 21K Daniel Nilsson,Lekeryd-Svarttorp SK
Women 21K Riina Kuuselo, Sollentuna
Men 10K Ola Nyberg, Vivobarefoot
Women 10K Helena Wallin, IF Linnéa
Men 5K Rachid Yabba, Stockholm
Women 5K Christina Hultman

All results in 2016


All the courses went as in previous years in Nackareservatet, but the start was moved from Globen City to a place closer to the forest, at Fryshuset. The goal was also moved from the Globe Annex to the street in front of the Globe Choice Hotel, which was one of the competition's sponsors. Another runway was introduced, ultra 46K.

Winners 2015

Men 46K Patrik Brants, Team Salomon
Women 46K Kajsa Friström, Fredrikshof Friidrott
Men 21K Linus Holmsäter, Team Salomon
Women 21K Lena Gavelin, Team Salomon
Men 10K Henrik Aflodal
Women 10K Petra Kindlund, Team Salomon

All results in 2015


The start and goal was also this year in Globen City outside the Globe Annex. The sister competitions in Stockholm Challenge, Stockholm Ride and Stockholm Rollerski, had moved into Götgatan. Stockholm Trails' track went as usual in Nackareservatet with passing by Hammarbybacken.

Winners 2014

Mr 21K Ralph Street, Södertälje-Nykvarn OF
Women 21K Lina El Kott Helander, Team Nordic Trail
Mr 10K Evind Karlsson, Team Nordic Trail
Women 10K Johanna Skog, Nykarleby Finland
Mr 5K Sebastian Högdal
Women 5K Jenny Hurkmans

All results 2014.


The arena was this year at Globen City and tracks in Nackareservatet. 2013 was also the first year of the Stockholm Challenge; collective name for the three competitions Stockholm Rollerski (roller skis), Stockholm Ride (road bike) and Stockholm Trail (cross-country running).


Winner 2013

Men 21K Andreas Svanebo, Salomon Sweden Running Team
Women 21K Lina El Kott Helander
Men 10K Edvin Karlsson, Tema Nordic Trail/IK Akele
Women 10K Lena Eliasson, IMA/Hässelby SK
Men 5K Niklas Hansson, Huddinge AIS
Women 5K Emma Larsson, Kvarnsveden Friidrott

All results in 2013.



The arena was in Globen City and the start and goal was on the asphalt surfaces between Globen and Hovet. The courses were laid in Nackareservatet and Hammarbybacken was passed twice.

Winners 2012

Men 21K Race Andreas Svanebo, Salomon Trail Team
Women 21K Race Yoie Bolin, Hässelby SK
Men 10K Race Henrik Löfås, Tiger Balsam
Women 10K Race Sara Lindborg, Trångsvikens IF
Men 21K Håkan Palm, IF Linnea
Dam 21K Vetterli Lauene, Sundbyberg
Mr 10K Christoff Bischoff, Astra Zeneca
Dam 10K Therese Turpin, Uppsala
Mr 5K Arvid Henriksson , Järla Orientering
Dam 5K Anna Larsen, Stockholm

All results 2012.