OK Södertörn arranges Stockholm Trail

Stockholm Trail is organized by OK Södertörn. The club has about 400 members and the home base is Farstanäset with a catchment area in the suburbs south of Stockholm around Lake Magelungen - Farsta, Vantör, Trångsund and Skogås. The main activity in OK Södertörn is traditional orienteering in forests and also in urban and park environments, so-called sprint orienteering. Mountain bike orienteering is also part of the club's activities.

Stockholm Trail is organized with completely voluntary volunteers who are all members of OK Södertörn. The surplus from the competition goes in full to OK Södertörn's activities.

Besides Stockholm Trail, the club also organizes the orienteering competitions
Stockholm City Cup and 25manna.

Read more about the club on OK Södertörn's website.