To make your trail experience even better, you now have the opportunity to supplement with our Stockholm Trail - premium package.

What is included is

- A Stockholm Trail T-shirt. 

It is a really nice T-shirt from Swedish Bagheera in lovely quality that we like and really recommend. With the "Stockholm Trail" print, it actually becomes even more stylish.

You can join us for three training sessions of different character in the wonderful Nackareservatet. The meeting point for the training sessions is Best Wester Park City Hammarby Sjöstad.

Your coaches are experienced orienteers from OK Södertörn, the club that organizes Stockholm Trail.

The training sessions include the following and are meant to prepare you for the Stockholm Trails course in a fun and educational way where you meet other trail interested runners. We will divide into two groups. The beginner group for those who like running but are unfamiliar with small trails and forest terrain. The trail runner group for those who have previous experience of running in terrain or have run several trail races before and want to improve your technique. How far we get is unimportant but we run as much as we can during the time frame set up so that both groups are back at the same time.

Monday, June 3, 18:15 Improve your running technique on uphill and downhill terrain.
We will train in the form of intervals. The leaders who are used to running in terrain will give tips and advice during the training.

Monday, June 10, 18:15 One hour trail run with intervals to get the pace up in the forest, marshes and on small paths.

Monday, August 19 18:15 One hour trail run on the beautiful Stockholm Trail course.

Our partner Bagheera is the main sponsor of the Swedish national orienteering team and has a perfect range for trail running.

Only interested in training?
Show up at the training and swish directly at the training session SEK 100 per time.